May is a special month, dedicated to Mary.

In the course of this month we share with you some reflections on the mysteries of the rosary and Society feasts that are special to us, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (RSCJ).

The Annunciation

Mary, chosen by God as you and I are, and like her we can be taken by surprise. She was invited to be the Mother of Jesus, God. We are called, during these unusual days to reflect with her on the unexpected. She was able to respond to the awesome invitation with the words “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word”. To respond in such a positive way required courage and this brought blessings to all of human kind. Let us find blessings in the midst of this time of limited social interaction as with her we embrace God’s will.

The Visitation

The meeting of Mary and Elizabeth is that of two pregnant women, eager to share their feelings and thoughts about motherhood, the upheaval a baby would bring in their lives, the preparation for the birth, concern for the future welfare of the child. Just now we are obliged to be at a distance from those who matter to us. May Mary and Elizabeth motivate us to reach out to others, by phone, social media, pen and paper and through this express appreciation for the presence of others in our lives.

The Birth of our Lord.

Giving birth involves strenuous activity that results in joy, new life, great hope and at times anxiety. In the birth of Jesus there was the promise of Redemption, a transformation of a unique kind. One that gives us new perspective on life’s mysteries; to live each day, alive to the possibilities offered, readiness to engage with the unplanned and we do so in the company of these two women, trusting that we too may welcome the new, that which is different.

The Presentation

A visit to the temple to offer and give thanks. Whom do we like to visit? Our church or our friends? At this time when we have sacrifices imposed on us because of the pandemic we have slowly come to appreciate all that we enjoy, health, happiness, nature, people, family and too the protection that God offers us. It highlights how different we are when without these people for we miss them and they also feel our absence. As we identify all the good people and things that we long for, we also commend them to God in gratitude and trust. May we never cease to give thanks to God for the goodness we daily receive.

The Finding in the Temple

When we lose something we are eager to recover it, irrespective of how small the object might be. To lose a child is a very, very stressful event, To discover the child or having to bury it, makes the place of encounter, special, sacred and too the final resting place. During these days each of us may have found a venue which prior to this was ordinary. This place may be within our own selves. Wherever it is let it become a haven, a place to which we will return as we recall what we found therein, and as we come to find blessings in the ordinary and the extraordinary.